Well barrier control

Well integrity is to engage well surveillance program to reduce risk of unintentionally release of formation fluids throughout the life cycle of a well. Weakened well integrity will ultimately lead to shut down of production. IKM provides specialist services related to well integrity challenges.  We have developed methods for leak testing of well barrier elements by applying measurements of pressure, flow, liquid level depth, and fluid compositions in tubing and annular volumes. These services are readily available and are delivered without costly well intervention.

Areas of investigation includes:
- tubing to annulus leak diagnosis
- annulus to annulus leak diagnosis
- formation to annulus leak diagnosis
- annular volume analysis to estimate potential gas release

Annuli communication issues due to aging, poor cementing or other completion infirmities impose great burdens on operators. Proper diagnosis and remedial repair jobs must take place in a timely manner to avoid complications to escalate and cause unnecessary expenditures.

Data generated from these services is monitored in real time on our web based Xchange application allowing direct access to well and process behaviour.




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