Pipeline engineering


Engineering & Design of Marine Pipelines and Risers has been the core activity of IKM, since the company was formed in 1985. In this manner the company has extensive experience in this area and has designed major subsea fields like Åsgård, Kvitebjørn, Tyrihans and Gjøa, respectively.

The activities related to a typical pipeline project can be summarized as:

• Design basis definition
• Safety strategy recommendations
• Pipeline hydraulics and sizing
• Selection of pipeline route
• Geohazard analysis
• Stability analysis and determination of weight coating and/or trenching requirements
• Determination of wall thickness and steel grade using traditional or limit-state design criteria
• Pipeline free-span analysis and determination of pipe support needs
• Upheaval buckling analysis and assessment
• Fatigue and fracture mechanic assessment
• Crossing design
• Riser Vortex Induced Vibration studies
• Riser analyses rigid and flexible
• Pipeline installation studies Cost analyses
• Preparation of material specifications
• Preparation of construction specifications
• Preparation of route drawings
• Design reports
• Risk analysis studies
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