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    VISCOTAQ® EZ-WRAP is a non crystalline a-polar viscous elastic solid polyolefin coating in roll form that is a versatile and economical product intended for corrosion protection and waterproofing of a wide range of applications for above ground substrates. EZ Wrap is commonly applied as a system in conjunction with and for protection of the Viscotaq ViscoSealant. EZ WRAP provides a quick and economical method of installation with excellent sealing properties. EZ WRAP has a white polyester non-woven reinforced fiber top layer that allows for the immediate painting or coating after installation. EZ Wrap is applied by removing a release liner and applying the tacky side to a clean and dry substrate.
  • Leveringsenhet:
    Roll 20cm x 7,2mtr

Teknisk informasjon

  • Funksjon:
    - Corrosion preventing - Sealing
  • Produkt informasjon:
    VISCOTAQ® EZ-WRAP is a mastic-like material designed with synthetic properties that will adhere to almost any surface without a primer. VISCOTAQ® EZ-WRAP comes in rolls and is designed to be used as a long term solution for water infiltration and corrosion prevention.
  • Applikasjon:

    - Product Name : EZ WRAP

    - Color : Gray

    - Odor : None

    - Density : 1.2 DIN 53479

    - Water absoprtion : <0.03 % ISO 62

    - Electric Resistance : >1012 ohm/cm ASTM D257

    - Material phase : solid

    - Ph : Neutral

    - Shelf Life : Unlimited

    - Max. operating Temp. : +71° C/+160° F

    - Application temp. : 5° C to +71° C/+41° F to +160° F

    - Water Vapor perm. : <4*10-4 g/day/m2/Pa ASTM E96

    - Adheres to Wet Surface : No

    - Glass transition : -42,92° C/-43° F DSC ASTM E1356

    - Application: Above and below grade applications

  • Beskyttelse informasjon:

    VISCOTAQ® EZ-WRAP can be used in environments and on substrates with an ambient or surface temperature up to +71° C/+160°. The product can be applied without significant surface preparation.

    - VISCOTAQ® EZ-WRAP is a long term solution to a variety of water infiltration problems.

    - VISCOTAQ® EZ-WRAP has been installed with success on a variety of substrates, in numerous environments to prevent water infiltration. Consult AMCORR for additional project information.

Annen informasjon

  • Bruksområde:
    VISCOTAQ® EZ-WRAP is engineered to prevent water infiltration in a variety of industries such as: telecommunications, utilities, transportation, electrical, water & wastewater, agriculture and more. Applications consist of sealing tank chimes, flanges, vaults penetrations, metal roof seams, around rooftop vent pipes, pipes, flashing, EPM roofing, cable entries, holes, cracks, storage tanks, industrial pools, manholes, basements, cable joints and more.
  • Fordeler:

    - Melting point +152,8° C/+307,04° F

    - Glass transition temperature -35° C/-31° F

    - CD value 0-3 mm (ASTM G8) at +23° C/+73,4° F

    - Self healing in case of small damages

    - Impervious to moisture and gases

    - Adhesion to the substrate without primer

    - Remaining flexibility over decades

    - Easy in use; can be cut and paste

    - Permanent wetting characteristics

    - Eliminates Microbiological Induced Corrosion (MIC)

    - No curing time

    - Extreme high chemical resistance

    - No sensitivity to salts and osmosis

    - Cohesive fracture

    -100% inert formulation: no reactive groups and no deterioration in the course of time