• Varetype:
    Zerust AxxaClean 3048 Immersion
  • Varenummer:
  • Egenskaper:
    ZeruZerust® AxxaClean™ 3048 is a fast-acting rust and tarnish remover. It rapidly removes medium to heavy corrosion even in cracks and crevices. Cleaned surfaces are free of black-carbon residue and resistant to flash-corrosion.
  • Leveringsenhet:
    208 ltr. (55 gallon)


  • Korrosjon fjerning kraft:
    Heavy corrosion, even in cracks and crevices
  • Hastighet:
  • Egnet for:
    Ferrous, brass, copper
  • Påføringsmetoder:
    Immersion, Brush-on, Spray
  • pH nivå:
    Stronger acidic pH between 0.5-1.5
  • Temperatur for bruk:
    21°C or above
  • Kompatibilitet:
    May attack soft metals*, some paints and coatings
  • Etter-rengjøring:
    Do not let product dry on surface. Recommended DI or RO water rinse. Wipe off and dry well.
  • Rustbeskyttelse:
    Provides flash-corrosion protection in controlled environments
  • Holdbarhet og håndtering:
    2 years from date of shipment when stored out of sunlight and in original packaging.

Annen informasjon

  • Fordeler:

    - Rapidly removes heavy rust and tarnish

    - Inhibits flash corrosion on treated surfaces

    - No VOC’s, CFC’s, silicones or heavy metals

    - Does not leave staining or dark carbon residues

    - Cleaned metals are ready to be painted or welded

  • Annet:

    Zerust® AxxaClean™ 3048 cleans ferrous metals, brass, copper and various alloys of rust and tarnish. AxxaClean™ 3048 is available in two formulas; immersion and a brush-on gel. Surfaces properly cleaned with Zerust® AxxaClean™ 3048 are protected from flash-rust or re-tarnishing for several days in a controlled environment. Cleaned and dried items can be immediately painted or welded.

    For optimum results, after cleaning with AxxaClean™ 3048, rinse with a solution of AxxaVis™ PX-05AN acid neutralizer and dry thoroughly with filtered compressed air. For corrosion prone metals such as cast iron, use a Zerust® Axxanol™ or Axxatec™ rust preventative coating or VCI packaging

    product. AxxaClean™ 3048 has a pH between 0.5 and 1.5. The product may attack paints, zinc and galvanized coatings. Test product before use. Use Zerust® AxxaClean™ 2048 if a less acidic product is needed. Surfaces treated with the rust remover are protected from flash-rust for several days in a controlled environment. To prevent the metal from corroding again protect it with Zerust® VCI packaging films and papers. For corrosion prone metals such as cast iron, use a Zerust® rust preventative such as Z-Maxx™, Axxanol™ or Axxatec™ liquid coating.