• Størrelse:
    50,8mm X 127,0mm X 6,4mm
  • Varetype:
    Zerust ICT Open Cell VCI Foam Pad
  • Varenummer:
  • Egenskaper:
    Zerust®/Excor® Open Cell VCI Foam Pads are a convenient way to provide added corrosion protection in packaging. The foam pads are pre-cut, flexible and easy to insert into small spaces. They diffuse Zerust® Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) to protect metals from corrosion.
  • Leveringsenhet:
    Package a' 1000 foam pads

Produkt informasjon

  • Beskrivelse:

    Open cell polyurethane foam saturated with vapor corrosion inhibitors.

    Zerust® ICT® Open Cell VCI Foam Pads provide superior corrosion protection to ferrous metals and some non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass and copper. These open cell foam pads diffuse proprietary Zerust® VCI technology to prevent corrosion and are nitrite and chromate free. Zerust® VCI foam pads protect metals in an enclosure for up to 1 year. Test before use in direct contact with metals and in packages containing non-ferrous metals. Product may leave residue after direct contact with metal.

    Use Zerust® Open Cell VCI Foam Pads with Zerust® VCI packaging for longer term corrosion protection. Add them into packaging as an effective way to improve protection in demanding environments and on lightly contaminated parts. Foam may darken when used with VCI film, but color change does not affect product performance. Open cell foam contains a high saturation of volatile corrosion inhibitors, which allows it to protect more volume and surface area of densely packed and intricate parts.

  • Utseende:
    White foam
  • Metall beskyttelsestyper:
    Protects ferrous (steel, iron and alloys) and some nonferrous (aluminum, copper, brass, bronze) metals.
  • Levetid:
    Protects clean metals for up to 1 year when used correctly and utilized within 1 year from receipt.
  • Oppbevaring:
    Store in original packaging away from direct sunlight in conditions below 85°F (30°C) and 50% RH for up to 1 year from the date of shipment.


  • Folie tykkelse:
    4 mil (102 µm)

Annen informasjon

  • Bruksområde:

    - Storage

    - Shipping

    - Work in progress

    - May be used with Zerust® VCI packaging

  • Fordeler:

    - Easy to install, economical to use

    - Effectively reduces corrosion even on lightly contaminated metals

    - Provides additional targeted VCI protection

    - Works in plain packaging or as added protection in VCI packaging

    - Non-hazardous, safe for people and the environment

  • HMS:
    Safe to use and handle. Product is not hazardous for people or the environment according to EU (CLP) or OSHA HazCom 2012 (US GHS).
  • Annet:

    Size Range (width):

    2” - 125” (flat)

    2” - 150” (gusset)