• Størrelse:
    40' X 435'
  • Varetype:
    Zerust® Outdoor Preservation Shrink - Clear
  • Varenummer:
  • Egenskaper:
    Use Zerust®/Excor® ICT®510-OPS VCI Shrink Film for longterm outdoor storage and mothballing of parts and equipment. Zerust® outdoor preservation film provides superior corrosion and UVI protection for up to 3 years even in extreme conditions.
  • Leveringsenhet:

Produkt informasjon

  • Beskrivelse:
    Zerust®/Excor® ICT®510-OPS Film is a heat responsive durable film that shrinks and forms a durable package.
  • Utseende:
  • Metall beskyttelsestyper:
    Ferrous metal protection. Multimetal and non-ferrous protection are available upon request.
  • Levetid:
    Outdoor UV protection for up to 3-years. Under shelter, VCI protects clean metals for years when used correctly and utilized within three years from receipt.
  • Oppbevaring:
    Store in original packaging away from direct sunlight in conditions below 85°F (30°C) and 50% RH for up to 3 years from the date of shipment.


  • Folie tykkelse:
    8.0 mil (203 µm)
  • Motstand mot støt:
    900 g
  • Slitestyrke:
    Machine Direction (MD): 15250 mN Transverse Direction (TD): 17280 mN
  • Bruddstyrke:
    Machine Direction (MD): 3466 psi (23.9 MPa) Transverse Direction (TD): 3263 psi (22.5 MPa)
  • Forlengelse ved brudd:
    Machine Direction (MD): 930% Transverse Direction (TD): 895%
  • Bruddfaktor:
    Machine Direction (MD): 11.0 lb-f/in (1926 N/m) Transverse Direction (TD): 11.5 lb-f/in (2014 N/m)
  • Overføringshastighet for vanndamp:
    0.108 g/(100 in2 /day) 1.64 g/(m2 /day
  • Damphemmende evne (VIA):

Annen informasjon

  • Bruksområde:

    - Storage

    - Shipping

    - Works with Zerust® VCI diffusers

  • Fordeler:

    - High strength and performance

    - 3-year outdoor protection

    - Proven corrosion and UV protection

    - Excellent shrink properties

    - Superior handling and drape

    - Safe for electronics

  • HMS:
    - Safe for people. This product does not pose a health hazard to users due to its classification as an article according to EU REACH, UN GHS, US OSHA HazCom and CA WHMIS regulations. - Zerust® VCI chemistry is safe for sensitive electronics. No galvanic effects, residues or changes in the properties of metals. The protective molecules dissipate upon opening of package
  • Annet:

    Stock Offerings:

    - 8 mil 20’ x 100’ Opaque Gray

    - 8 mil 40” x 425’ Clear