High Voltage Testing

IKM Instrument Rental tilbyr utleie av ferdig kalibrerte instrumenter for generering og måling av elektriske størrelser.


The VLF sine wave 34 kV is a compact, robust and portable VLF sine wave test system for medium voltage cables. Due to the air cooling, the VLF sine wave 34 kV can be used without any interruption and is therefore ideal for all users who will be testing with 0.1 Hz sine wave voltages. 

The VLF testing system is easy to use, thanks to its single-button operation and clear, simply structured menu and colour display. In addition to sine wave AC, its output voltage shapes also include positive and negative DC, square wave and pulsed DC for sheath-fault pinpointing. 

Together with the optional available step-voltage probe ESG NT, sheath faults can be precisely pinpointed by using the step voltage method. Moreover the VLF sine wave 34 kV can be upgraded to an accurate testing and diagnostic system with the optional available tan delta test attachment. 

Key Benefits:

  • High test capacity of 5 μF
  • Suitable for outdoor use (IP 54)
  • Single-button operation easyGO
  • Integrated safety system
  • Reporting
  • Continuous duty cycle


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