We are involved in all phases of subsea field development, i.e. Early Phase, Conceptual Phase, Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) as well as detail design.

For successful design and operation of a multiphase production system, particularly for long distance and/or in deep water, the entire flow-system must be analysed. To assure that the entire system can be designed, built, and operated successfully and economically, IKM will consider the reservoir characteristics and production profiles, produced fluids properties and behavior, the design of major system components, operating strategies, and other system variables.

Key System issues areas:
• Operating Philosophy development
• Production Flow System Operability & Functional Design
• Hydrate Prevention, Control, and Remediation
• Flow Regime Prediction, Slug Size Prediction
• Risk, Reliability and safety assessments
• Functional interface issues
• System cost and economics assessment
• Installation assessment

The completion of the system engineering will generate fundamental development information necessary for decision making and further development of subject field.

• Field lifecycle cost and investment
• Field development concept and layout
• Field Design Basis
• System-level P&ID and PFD oversight
• System-level functional specifications

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