Umbilical Container




UTC-01 (PDF, 114KB)

Dimension : W 2440, L 3655, H 2735mm 

Tare: 3350 kg, Payload: 16150 kg, MGW: 19500 kg 

Area : In acc. to DNV 2.7.1, Norsok Z-015 type Z, Ex sone 1 

Power : 230V  50/60Hz 16A

Equipment/functions: Complete unit for umbilical testing. Oil, water, chemicals and electrical testing / logging


UTC-02 (PDF, 124KB)

Dimension : W 2435, L 6054, H 3000mm 

Tare: 6050 kg, Payload: 8250 kg, MGW: 14300 kg 

Area : Iht. DNV 2.7-1, Non-Ex 

Power : 400-690V 50/60 Hz

Equipment/functions: Complete test container for umbilical (see data sheet for furhter info) 


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