Mechanical Engineer – Rotating Equipment

IKM Operations AS

The Mechanical Engineer for rotating equipment is responsible for performing various maintenance tasks including but not limited to; installation, inspection, troubleshooting, repair, dismantling, cleaning and assembly of static equipment and piping such as reciprocating engines, gas turbines, cranes, lifting equipment, pumps, air and gas compressors, and HVAC systems. He/She with participate in a team of Engineers and Technical personnel to support the long term reliability and operability of the equipment and plant. During the pre-operational phase he/she will participate in the development of the maintenance and operational procedures for static equipment.

General Responsibilities include:
· Provide technical expertise for Rotating Equipment issues within the Operations department
· Manage all rotating mechanical support issues for all operators offshore assets
· Evaluate and validate new and existing maintenance concepts and prepare proposals
· Review and monitor planned maintenance activities
· Participate in the continuous improvement process
· Perform failure mode and effect analysis in order to determine the repair responsibility and requirement
· Follow up condition monitoring
· Usage of trends observed and future projections to decide on vulnerable equipment/processes that needs more regular monitoring and revising of maintenance programs
· Evaluate and validate the maintenance concept to be applied such as:
- Classification of equipment’s, definition of redundancy levels, criticality,
- Selection of methods and techniques to be applied,
- Selection of means to be applied,
- Provide and validate first degree, preventive and condition based maintenance programs with their intervals,
- Provide and validate the spare parts requirement to ensure availability of equipment,
· Define security stocks to ensure the required availability of equipment’s,
· Assist in the planning and management of rotating equipment overhauls and upgrades
· Study / preparation of specifications for major modification work
· Participation in turnaround planning
· Participation in HAZOPs and operability studies.

Required expertise :
· Knowledge Authority rules and work regulations
· Experience in carrying out a variety of regular routine, major and auxiliary machine vibration monitoring checks and analysis
· Demonstrated experience with rotating equipment for offshore oil, gas production facilities,
· Demonstrated knowledge of design theory, equipment sizing and selection, design specifications, industry standards, monitoring, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and repair methods for pumps, centrifugal compressors and gas turbine driven power generators and ancillary systems.

Technical Competence: Ability to design, specify, modify and repair rotating equipment. Extensive familiarity with internationally recognized Codes and Standards associated with the subject equipment.

It is preferable that applicants are proficient in Norwegian, written and spoken.

Work location: Stavanger
For more inforation, please contact Geir Lerfall, tel. +47 928 02 091.
Application is sent to

IKM Gruppen AS, Norway|Telefon: +47 51 64 90 00|
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